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Most times, setting up a photography session is an event.  Family photos need updated, senior photos, newborn or baby photos.  But sometimes sessions are done for different reasons.  Sometimes for fun, sometimes to celebrate joy, sometimes to grieve, but once in a while, you get a very special client that just wants to put a smile on someone else's face.

This session is for Jeff and his smile.

After discovering cancer again, Jeff's family knew they wanted to do something very special for him to lift his spirits both before his surgery and during his recovery.  So we set up a session as fast as we could to get a few photos in of Jeff's crew.





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A sweet sweet in-law made these ADORABLE little capes for the boys to wear!


"Grandpa's Mini Warriors"

DSC_9471-1DSC_9471-1 DSC_9490-1DSC_9490-1

And of course I always have to stick the little boys in a wagon!


And for the grand finale, a Casey's donut smash!  Word on the street is Jeff is a pretty big fan of Casey's donuts!  So if papa loves Caseys, then we have fun with it!  Of course, it was no hardship for the boys!


Pure joy!

DSC_9521-1DSC_9521-1 DSC_9496-1DSC_9496-1


A special thanks to Jeff's family for letting me do this for you all.  You are all a blessing.


If you feel moved to donate towards cancer research, CLICK HERE!


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Diana Wilcox(non-registered)
Thank you again Alley (& our family) for doing this on such short notice! These photos make us smile every time we look at them & for the love that was put into making it all happen, we are grateful! We have been blessed & continue to be blessed by many caring, thoughtful people. God bless each of you ❤️!!!
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