So you've had your photo shoot and now it's time to think about your view & order appointment!

This is a quick guide to help prepare you for what you will want and need from your photo shoot!


1. Wall Art:

Are you wanting to update your wall portraits with products from this session?  Or maybe you want to create a completely new space to hang the portraits?

- Measure the wall space you would like to utilize, both length and width, so we know what we are working with.  We can print big portraits to fill your space or if you prefer collages, we can do that too!  If you're replacing a print in a frame, be sure to measure that frame, too!  That way we can get that item ordered for you right away!

If you would like, feel free to send me a picture of the space you are wanting to fill.  Seeing the wall colors and surroundings will help us decide what color schemes to go with and which colors we should avoid.

*Please send your wall images BEFORE your order appointment.  I will have mock-ups ready for you at your actual appointment!*


DSC_5109-1DSC_5109-1 DSC_5113-1DSC_5113-1


2. Albums:

Are you wanting to create an album that shows the session in it's entirety?  Or you can't decide which print you want?  For high school seniors, newborns and families, this is a wonderful way to have most of your session in one book.  This is also a wonderful item that will be kept and passed down from generation to generation.

DSC_5116-1DSC_5116-1 DSC_5118-1DSC_5118-1


3. Gift Prints:

Do grandma and grandpa need an updated 8x10 or 5x7 of the kids for their home?  Or maybe some magnets for aunts and uncles?  We have quite a few options for smaller prints for family!

DSC_5126-1DSC_5126-1 DSC_5125-1DSC_5125-1


4. Misc Items:

We carry different items within the studio, too.  From curved metals that can sit on your desk without a picture frame, to USB sound cubes, and images boxes!  You will find the perfect item to display your images!

DSC_5120-1DSC_5120-1 DSC_5121-1DSC_5121-1



As a full service photography studio, I do offer in-home image styling/hanging at no additional charge to clients.



As a reminder, here is the Photo Product Price Guide:

Pricing Sheet - 2Pricing Sheet - 2

As a friendly reminder, all orders must be completed within 72 hours of the view & order appointment.  All orders not completed within that time frame will have an additional $175 archival fee added.


I am super excited to help you portray your images within your home!

See you at your appointment!



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