So it's just about time for your senior session!  Are you freaking out yet?

Well don't you worry!  This prep guide will help ensure your session goes off without a hitch!



As a reminder: 

- OVERPACK!  You can never have too many outfits!  I recommend you bring 5-8 outfits with you to your session.  If you still need outfit help - let me know!

- DON'T FORGET:  Extra jewelry, jackets (leather, pleather, etc), hats & shoes!  And sunglasses!

- STUDIO GOODIES:  Do you want me to bring anything from the studio?  Make sure to let me know!  I can bring:


Floppy Hats

Head Pieces (Floral, Sequin)






A few things to keep in mind:

- Be careful in the sun the week or two leading up to your session.  Sunburns are painful and can be a damper for senior portraits!  If you do happen to get a sunburn before your session, be sure to let me know so we can monitor your skin tones.  If needed, the session will have to be rescheduled.  If you choose to follow through with your session with a sunburn, please note that extensive portrait retouching will cost extra.  Basically, please take care of your skin!  :)

- Spray tans: While spray tans are more favorable than getting a little color via a tanning bed, I HIGHLY discourage you from getting one.  Spray tans tend to not always photograph in a flattering way and a lot of times we have to deal with coloring of the hands/feet.  Again, if extensive portrait retouching is needed due to a spray tan, there will be additional charges. 

- Nails: Please be mindful of your fingernails & toenails.  Professional manicures and pedicures are not required by any means, but please make sure your nails are cleaned up and there are no chipped paint pieces.  If you choose to paint your nails, I recommend sticking to neutral colors; tan tones and dusty pinks photograph well.  I do recommend steering clear from any neon nail colors.

- Sports: If you are getting sports portraits done, be sure to bring everything you need for each sport.  Specific shoes and socks as well as the uniform and a sports bra will be items you'll want to bring.  If you have any braces or any other item that you typically wear in that sport/season, feel free to bring it! 

- Undergarments: Be sure to bring a variety of bras with you.  Some outfits have a need for strapless bras, but sometimes those bras aren't always flattering.  I recommend packing a mix of regular bras, strapless and bralettes.

- Chapstick and/or lip gloss:  You will give me a good dose of smiles.  So be sure to bring some sort of lip liner!  Trust me, you will use it!

- Weather: Unfortunately weather can be quite unpredictable.  I will make the call whether or not to reschedule the session due to weather.  Chances of rain and/or thunderstorms and any wind of 15+ mph will be grounds for rescheduling.  I take my client's safety pretty seriously and taking chances is just not worth it.  And no one wants wind whipping their hair in their face for their entire session, either.


Of course, these are all suggestions and recommendations.  However, we want to showcase who YOU are as an individual.  So don't be afraid to let your unique personality show!


I am SO excited for your session and I hope you are too!