So now that your newest little babe is here and you are under zero stress and are well rested......




Here are some tips to hopefully make your newborn session run smoothly:


- Although this first tip is not easy (trust me, I tried to do this three times and I feel your pain), try to keep your baby awake as much as possible the morning before your session.  If your baby is awake for a while before the session, hopefully that will help him/her be more sleepy for the session.  One great way to keep them awake would be to give them a long bath that morning!


- Bring baby wearing a sleeper.  Those are easier to undress and hopefully keep baby asleep.



- Make sure to bring a binky to the session.  Those help to soothe baby without needing to pick him/her up.  Sometimes.  ;)

- Dress in layers.  I will have the studio heat cranked up pretty high to ensure baby stays warm!  That means that you will most likely be hot, and no one enjoys that.  So just be sure to wear extra layers to keep yourself comfortable!

- Another note on clothes: Try not to wear anything with patterns or that would be considered "busy."  My best advice would be to wear solid color clothes that are within the same color family, ie: blues, blacks, browns (tans), etc.


- If there are older siblings and it is possible, have dad & siblings drive separate.  90% of the time we start with family portraits and that usually only takes 30-45 minutes.  The session can last up to 3-4 hours; dads and big siblings usually do not like to wait around that long.  It is perfectly fine to have them leave once they are finished, if you are ok with that.

Sigourney-Iowa-PhotographerSigourney-Iowa-PhotographerNewborn Photography

- I do have miscellaneous blankets, baskets, layer pieces and outfits on hand to use as you would like.  If you have an item you would specifically like to use (a family heirloom or something of the sorts), please feel free to bring it!  I do take newborn safety very seriously, though, and if I do not think an item can be used safely with the baby, we may need to modify the look or possibly not use the item.

Sigourney-Iowa-PhotographerSigourney-Iowa-PhotographerNewborn Photography



Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have ahead of time.  No question is a silly question and I want you to be completely comfortable during the newborn session!

Studio address: 110 Washington St.

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