2020 Senior Models!

Say whaaat?  How are you going to be a senior next year?  Didn't you just lose your first tooth?  Don't boys still have cooties?!

But alas, your time is here!  And what better way to celebrate and document your senior year than becoming an MGP senior model?


New-Sharon-Iowa-Senior-PhotographerNew-Sharon-Iowa-Senior-Photographer Montezuma-Iowa-Senior-PhotographerMontezuma-Iowa-Senior-Photographer

We have a TON of ideas for next year's senior models.  We will continue to evolve our group and single styled shoots (think: Americana and DESTINATION SESSIONS), but you will also get your senior session that is tailored specifically for you!

Are you a jock? No problem, edgy sports photos are becoming some of my favorites!  Are you a book nerd?  AWESOME!  Let's find the coolest old library to go to for some fun shots!  Are you a farm kid?  I know a thing or two about farming, so we can make something awesome!  Are you into fashion?  You're speaking my language!


The advantages of being an MGP senior model:

- You get your first choice of premium dates and times for your session!

- A 'Best Friends' mini shoot!

- Super fun styled group shoots!

- Styled individual sessions!

- 10 of your favorite images from the whole year for social media!

- And the best part: SAVINGS!  Senior models save $100 off of their session fee!  Seniors will be eligible for additional discounts (that will be discussed at consultations)!   Score!



You're going to get your senior portraits done anyways, right?  Why not take advantage of this deal and have a ton of fun, too!


Each senior session (model or not) is planned ahead of time to ensure each senior gets exactly what they want out of their session.  Between studio consultations, wardrobe consultations and general communications, you can't go wrong!  Don't forget - I have a handful of items in my studio wardrobe available for use, too!

If you are ready for a senior session that really is tailored to you by a professional, then let's get this started!  I am beyond excited for the 2020 senior program, and I hope you are too!  To apply to be a senior model rep, click here:

Senior model applications will only be accepted from February 1 - 15.  Do not wait to send those in! 


There will NOT be a cap on who is accepted this year; so don't be afraid to apply!