Couple's Boudoir Session Prep Guide


I am sure your nerves are through the roof now; I totally get that!  Hopefully this list will help ease your nerves and help you feel prepared for your session!


For starters:  Your session time is 10 am; please show up to the studio then for your session.  Do not worry about being early, we are on-timers here and may not be prepared for you too early.  If you get into town super early, I highly recommend grabbing yourself a cup of coffee from Barn Wired on the square in town!

The studio address is 214 S Jefferson St in Sigourney.




1. Come in Fresh

Come on in the morning of your session fresh hair, fresh face.  No makeup is necessary, we will take care of everything!  If you use moisturizer that's perfectly fine!  Don't worry about hair products either, we have everything you'll need!


2. Session Outfits

We will plan to photograph you in two different outfits each, please plan to bring at least that many.  You can bring additional pieces if you'd like help narrowing down choices!

Don't forget!  If you're wanting to shop local and support small, there is that lovely lingerie boutique in DSM that I highly recommend!  Tell them that you are having a session with Alley with Marie Grace Photography and receive 10% off of your purchase!  Check out Amour!


3. Wear Loose Clothing

You are going to come in and get pampered right away!  So just wear loose fitting pants and a button up shirt to get your hair & make up done!  Tight-fitting clothing can leave indentations in the skin and we want to avoid that as much as possible.  Even socks leave marks on our skin, so feel free to save those for later and wear your favorite slippers in that morning!


4. Drink lots of water a few days before your session and the morning of.  Also, eat a good breakfast that morning.

Drinking water will flush your system and combining that with a good, healthy breakfast the morning of your session should help you feel strong and energetic!  Try to avoid sugary cereal or anything super greasy.  I will have water and snacks on hand in case you need a little shot of sugar during your session!


5. Skin Care

Spray Tans:  I honestly don't recommend spray tans, but if you do want to get one, make sure you test it out with a professional WEEKS BEFORE your session!  If you choose to do a spray tan, please make sure it is light.  The camera enhances orange tones.  For your final spray, be sure to get it done 3 days in advance.

*Any requests to remove/reduce spray tan appearances will be an additional editing charge.

Lotion: Make sure you keep your skin hydrated and lather up!

Natural Tanning: Please be aware of tan lines before your session.  If you will be in the sun before your session, note where your skin will have tan lines.  You will most likely be baring a lot of your body and tan lines pop easily.  I highly recommend sun screen if you will be in the sun before your session.

*Any requests to remove/reduce tan lines will be an additional editing charge.


6. Nails

Don't forget about your nails!  If you choose to have your nails painted, please avoid using any neon or bright tones.  Jewel tones and light tones photograph well. If you have questions about nail colors, don't be afraid to ask!  Natural or no color is perfectly fine too, if that's your norm!

Also be sure to have your nails trimmed evenly!  This goes for finger nails and toe nails!


7. Grooming

Eyebrows: Make sure you touch up your eyebrows at least three days before your session if that is something you regularly do.  Getting a wax too soon before your session could lead to swelling and sometimes causes makeup to not stick to your skin.

Armpits/panty line/etc: The waxing rule for your eyebrows apply here too.  If you've never had a wax before, make sure to test it out WEEKS BEFORE your session.  If you are normally waxed, make sure you give yourself enough time to let the redness and swelling reduce.  If you shave, be sure to do a close shave the morning before your session.  If you do not normally shave, you may want to do a full shave a few weeks before your session and then maintain from there on.  This will also help you figure out razor burn.  There are products on the market to help ease razor burn and other irritations!  


8.  Studio Closet

Are you interested in borrowing a bodysuit from the studio closet?  No problem!  Just be sure to bring a nude AND black thong with you!  It is required to wear something underneath a borrowed suit!  It would also be a really good idea to bring a plain nude and black bra with you as most of the bodysuits do not offer much for support!


9. Session Soreness

You will most likely be sore from your session.  I am going to make you bend and push and point as much as you can.  I recommend taking Ibuprofen the next day or two if needed.




1. Grooming

If you want a clean shave, go right ahead!  Keep up with your normal skin care routine, if you have one.  I would recommend moisturizer if you can to keep skin from getting dry.

If you plan to get your hair cut, shoot for 1-2 weeks before your session.

Don't stress about body hair!  It's natural and normal!  If you feel better getting hair removed, that's perfectly fine, too!


2. Outfits

Bring what you feel comfortable in.  I would recommend bringing a pair of jeans, a button up or two, a tshirt and a couple pairs of your favorite unders!



And lastly, come in and have some freaking fun!

Do this for yourself, because you are worth it.  Yes, your album or prints may go to someone else, but this experience is ALL ABOUT YOU!


See you soon, beautiful!