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Boudoir Session Inquiry


So you're interested in a boudoir session.  Does that make you feel nervous?  Do you want to do this as a gift?  Or just an experience for yourself?


No matter you're reasoning, I'm glad you're here.



Boudoir Photography with Marie Grace Photography is so much more than just "sexy pictures."  It's an experience.  It's empowerment.  It's life changing.

Think that sounds extreme?  Maybe it is.  But maybe, just maybe, it isn't.



You will be putting all of your insecurities in front of me, and that can be scary as hell.  I've been there, I did a session too.  But know that I will do everything in my power to show you just how beautiful your body is, just as it is in this very moment.  This one body that you have, let me show you that it's ok to love it.  You're not going to get another one.  There's no trade-in event.

Let me help you learn to love yourself, even if it's just a little bit.


A boudoir session is whatever you want it to be.  Do you want to stay clothed the entire time and want to just get some feminine portraits?  Cool, I want that for you too.

Do you want to go a little more daring and show a little skin?  I got you boo.

Do you want to go all in?  We can handle that!


One thing Boudoir Photography through MGP is not:  Raunchy.

I love the imagination.  I love leaving a little mystery.

I do not provide porn.

So sit down, Karen.  It's cool.



The Process of the Boudoir Session:


The Consultation:

This meeting is typically held within the studio, but can be on-location or closer to you for convenience.  The benefit of holding this meeting in the studio is that it gives you the opportunity to see my space, get the lay of the land and feel a little more comfortable on the day of your session.  Cause let's be honest, you will probably feel a bit more comfortable getting half naked in my studio if you've been there once before.  We will also go over the entire experience during this meeting.  From the timeline of the day and what you can expect to styling and outfit guidance.

The Session:

It's your day!  You've left your fears parked in your car, and you walk in the door.  As a team, my hair & make up artist and I will make you feel like a queen.  Professional hair & air-brush makeup services are provided with each session.  Refreshments are provided, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible!  After hair & makeup is done, we dive right into your session!

The View & Order Appointment:

2-3 weeks after your session we will schedule your view & order appointment.  This is where you will view your images and decide what you would like to do with them.  What could be better than an heirloom album of your images to have as a keepsake?  

Product Delivery:

2-3 weeks after your V&O appointment, your products will be in and ready for pickup!


My goal is to make this process as seamless as possible for my clients.  I am incredibly involved with you through the entire process because I want SO much for you to love these images.  Boudoir Photography with Marie Grace Photography is an investment.  I take great pride in what I offer my clients and I want you to have the very best of what I have to offer.  Session fees are $249 + tax and the average client invests $750 - 1250 on their heirloom product order.


To see the Boudoir Gallery, click here: Boudoir by MGP

If you would like to see an example of an entire's session's gallery, just let me know!



If you think you're ready, fill out this questionnaire:

Once you fill that out, I will be in contact with you as soon as I can and we will get this process started for you!